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Why I’m Glad Gay Marriage is Legal

We can finally quit talking about it. Seriously. It’s done. It was already legal in 36 states, so please, let’s just move on. (Not to diminish the celebrations of those who have been waiting for this day. If that’s you – party on!)

To be clear, I have always thought the only restrictions on marriage should be to protect the weak and defenseless, namely children. If a religious officiant wants to perform a marriage between two people of the same sex and it isn’t a violation of their beliefs, then forbidding them to do so is a violation of the First Amendment. To be sure, forcing someone for whom it is a violation of their beliefs is also a violation of their First Amendment rights.

If you’re concerned about states rights, I understand that – but there are so many other issues where they are being violated that this really doesn’t need to be the flagship for that fight.

The really big reason, though, is that this doesn’t need to be part of the conversation in the upcoming presidential election. If we just move forward and accept that gay marriage is legal, then maybe, just maybe, we can spend more time finding out what the candidates think about topics like government over-reach, government over-spending, and foreign policy.

I know, that’s radical thinking. Why would we possibly ask Presidential candidates questions that actually relate to the job at hand instead of focusing on issues best handled by Congress?


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