My Books

Mrs. Flannery's Flowers
The 1632 Universe

In 2000, Grantville, WV was sent back to 1631 in Germany. This alternate history series is about all the changes that come from it. 

Survival Skills for All Ages

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and worked for The Survival Mom, so I know a thing or two about emergency prep-aredness. These books are where I share that knowledge. I also wrote three cookbooks, plus two works in progress. 

Cubmastering: Getting Started as Cubmaster
Scouting in the Deep End

I’ve been a Scout leader for a decade now, but my first few years were rough. These books are few new leaders, just getting started. 

The Constitution: It's the OS for the US
Assorted and Misc.

The US Constitution. Organizing a Wedding. Zombies short stories. My writing leads me all kinds of unexpected places. These are the books that didn’t fit in any of the series I write. 

With my husband’s encouragement, I wrote my first ‘book’ in 1997. I use parentheses because it was a spiral bound organizer, not technically a book. The Organized Wedding and my next book, The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US, share one thing: both books are in very crowded niches. So what make my book different enough that I felt compelled to write it, and to later release it through In addition to dress shopping, flowers, and everything related to fashion and the reception, my book covers the actual wedding ceremony, the honeymoon, and post-wedding tasks including updating legal documents. It’s a long series of checklists with very little “how to” in the book.

Most of my current writing is focused around the 1632 Universe created by Eric Flint. It’s a big group of people writing there – and it’s a ton of fun to do. I took a character named Irene Flannery who was simply a cranky old woman and made her into an interesting person. How interesting and what kind of person? You have to read Mrs. Flannery’s Flowers to find out! 

My husband and parents are proud of me for becoming a published author in a successful, professional series. (Read: not self-published.) My kids sort-of kind-of are aware that I’ve been published. (Teenagers.) The cats are downright thrilled when I’m writing, because I stay on the sofa for extended periods of time and they don’t have to move and chase me around the house to be sure I’m not doing something they wouldn’t approve of. They can just nap in front of the windows while keeping an eye on me.

3d book display image of Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

These are a just a few of my books. I also have books on Scouting, a Wedding Organizer, a book on the US Constitution, and two in the 1632 Universe.

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