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I’m Back!

im back pinMy last post on here on The Moderate Mom was just a bit over a year ago. Not long after that, we found out my husband’s job was being eliminated. You can imagine the stress that created! I stopped blogging during that time and focused on my home and family. We are fine because we immediately cut back on our spending, told the kids why, and had generally prepared ourselves over the past few years in case something did go wrong. That preparedness allowed us to spend a lot less until he went back to work.

While he was between jobs, we spent time talking about where we wanted to go, as a family, and how we thought we could get there. The end result was that we decided to buy or start a business. After a lot of research, discussion, and reflection, we are starting a new website, Wise Fathers, with the hope of turning it into a real income stream. Naturally, that has led to changing our web hosting and a host of technical difficulties.

Although technical difficulties caused by moving this and other older blogs onto the new hosting have delayed launching Wise Fathers, it should be live in September. (Short version: outdated plugins led to malware problems; since the sites were new / newly moved, there aren’t any cached versions to revert to, creating big headaches.)

Wise Fathers will be a location where dads can get a variety of information from a variety of sources to help them with their parenting questions. It’s no secret that parenting books, blogs, advice, etc. tend to be mom-focused, but I have to admit I was shocked to see some of the top “parenting” magazines were so mom-focused that they have as many articles on make-up and women’s fashion as they do on straight-up parenting!

Now that the kids are going back to school, and my new laptop freely acknowledges the existence of wifi (the old one hasn’t done that since last year), I will be posting on the Moderate Mom again and may even start having some other bloggers posting as well. My daily focus will be Wise Fathers, but I still really enjoy posting on both the Moderate Mom and The Survival Mom, where I am a regular contributor, so in addition to an updated look, keep an eye out for new Moderate Mom posts every week!

But don’t expect me to take kindly to comments about how wonderful our economy is. Not after this past year.

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