Me and My Writing

I never expected to become a writer. I mean, my college  had a degree in creative writing and I had two roommates who majored in it, but I didn’t take a single course. Back in the late ’90s, my new husband and I decided to try writing a mail-order booklet as what we would now call a side-hustle. Since the timing was 100% wrong, being right at the beginning of internet shopping and online everything, it didn’t go anywhere, but it started me writing. For the next few years, life took the forefront and my writing didn’t amount to much, but I did do some writing and started learning about the industry and how it works. 

When my children were old enough that I could start writing again, I mostly wrote non-fiction. And I started blogging. At first, I replied with a lot of comments on The Survival Mom. Then, I started writing posts for her. Eventually, I wrote over 100 posts and had the idea for a series of three books based on one of the most popular blog posts on her site: a series of suggestions for survival knowledge kids need. That is my Survival Skills for All Ages series. Two of the three original books are completed. The third is a work in progress and safe money is on it never being finished. (My homesteading skills are not my strong point, and that book includes a lot of homesteading skills.) 

Somewhat oddly, I have ended up writing several cookbooks. My fourth cookbook was written during quarantine, but I’m not sure it will ever be published. I’d give it a 50/50 chance right now. I only have a couple dozen recipes to finish testing but too many other things are taking priority right now. In particular, writing for the 1632 Universe because, bluntly, I earn more from those books because people can find them. 

What is “the 1632 Universe” that makes it so much less unprofitable for me? It’s an alternate history series with nearly 200 writers, 70 books,100 issues of an online magazine, and 25 million words. It also has an affiliated publishing company, and they are publishing my books in this series.

3d book display image of Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

These are a just a few of my books. I also have books on Scouting, a Wedding Organizer, a book on the US Constitution, and two in the 1632 Universe.

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