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I’m a mom. I’m a former web site producer for a large company. I cook, and now write cookbooks, because I’m allergic to garlic and onions, which is in a shockingly large number of foods. I garden, when my allergies allow it. I love to read, especially sci fi and history. I have cats and loved heated blankets in the winter. My books are a varied lot, because I write things I want to buy and can’t find. The Organized Wedding came about because when we married, I couldn’t find any wedding organizers that included the religious aspects of getting married. Next up, a non-partisan book on the US Constitution that focused on history instead of politics, The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US. As a lifelong Girl Scout, the Boy Scout system confused me when my sons joined, so I wrote three books in my Scouting in the Deep End series. Then came a YA zombie series, an emergency preparedness series, books in the 1632 alternate history series, and, as mentioned already, cookbooks. 

Eric Flint wrote 1632 in 2000. It’s an alternate history universe where the old coal town of Grantville, WV goes from 2000 to 1631 in Thuringia, Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War. Many others have written in the universe, myself included, in the twenty-plus years since it’s original publication. The regular folks living in Grantville impact the whole world in an amazing variety of ways. Even small things like re-introducing clotheslines (lost between the Roman era and 1600) make a real difference in the lives of everyday people.

I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a Constitutional Law Scholar. I’m just a normal citizen, but that’s who the Founders wrote the Constitution for and I wanted to understand it better. That’s why it starts with “We the People” and not “We the Lawyers” or “We the Politicians”. Like so many things in all our lives, there are parts they never completely worked out or agreed on, so some parts are and always have been up for argument. But most of it is pretty clear, or was at the time. I wrote my book, The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US, to help normal, average citizens understand the historical roots of our Constitution. I researched state SOLs (Standards of Learning) for middle and high school students related to the Constitution and used those (particularly the Virginia and Colorado ones, which are considered the best) to make sure I covered all the most important points. It is entirely focused on history, not current events.

My emergency preparedness books are appropriate for teens but have plenty of information for adults as well.

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3d book display image of Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

Survival Skills for All Ages (series)

These are a just a few of my books. I also have books on Scouting, a Wedding Organizer, a book on the US Constitution, and two in the 1632 Universe.

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