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Vote with Your Feet?

Vote with Your Feet. Would you move if you didn't agree with the law?A headline in early 2014 stated that Sean Hannity was leaving New York state because the governor didn’t like or want conservatives in the state. In the past, liberals such as Janeane Garofolo have threatened to leave the country if people they don’t like are elected. Whether Hannity will move is debatable, but Garofolo definitely didn’t move when she threatened to. Multiple gun companies have moved or are in the process of moving from states with strict gun laws to those that are gun friendly. They have all decided to vote with their feet because they disagreed so strongly with how things were going.

Would you ever consider moving your family or your business because you don’t like the person elected as Governor or President? How effective do you think it really is to vote with your feet?

In Colorado, three companies moved in response to a law banning gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. Magpul alone has 200+ employees and contributed millions to the state economy. Prior to the law’s passage, they had been ready to expand in Colorado. Now that expansion will benefit another state. If you were a Colorado voter, how would losing those jobs and taxes make you feel?

If you choose to stay somewhere with policies you strongly oppose, what is the best way to battle a law you believe to be unfair?

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