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Fainting Hillary: What You May Have Missed

In this video by Zdenek Gazda, there are small details that make it hard to deny that Hillary has a serious, on-going medical condition. It is alarming that Hillary isn’t holding up her own weight even in the first frames, but what is even more alarming than the fact that she isn’t taken to the hospital is the fact that the Secret Service doesn’t react as if this is an unusual or unexpected event.

Taken together, the following details make it obvious that there is something medically wrong with Hillary, and it isn’t a minor issue. Most people will get this from the way she sags down so that her head is at about waist-height on a day that really isn’t hot, for New York City. But here are some details you may not have noticed:

  1. She isn’t holding up her own weight from the very first frame of this video. She is resting against a concrete post that goes up to about butt-height, but it’s more than that. If you enlarge it by either putting it on full-screen or zooming in, you can see that her torso is leaning backward at an odd angle. She is not holding herself up. Most of her weight is resting on that pillar, which is clearly not an accident, but it appears that the only reason she isn’t falling down is the woman to her left with her arm linked through Hillary’s. As she starts moving (being moved), you can even see that her left shoulder is higher than her right shoulder, which makes sense if she isn’t supporting most of her own weight but rather being held up by the other woman. In addition, the other woman progress from having her arm through Hillary’s to an arm around her back, and then supporting her back with both hands.
  2. As soon as she starts moving (being moved), Hillary’s body slumps, her feet are dragging and clearly not bearing weight even before she slumps down completely. To be clear: Hillary does not lift her feet a single time in this video, nor does she take a single step. At no point in this video is she moving under her own power.
  3. It takes at least three people to get her into the vehicle – one on either side and the woman mentioned earlier behind her. She is completely dead weight, which only happens when we are unconscious, including being asleep. (Think about the difference in weight carrying a small child who is awake versus asleep.) Tellingly, they were pre-positioned to provide this support. There are quite a few photos around showing her need for physical support, so it isn’t really surprising that they are prepared to provide it, but they are very well-rehearsed at getting in position to fully support her. They have done this before, and are positioned and prepared to do it routinely.
  4. Secret Service isn’t stressed. Her detail has notoriously been referred to as a punishment detail, but these men and women are professionals. If their protectee was in danger, their body language would be tense. If there was something unexpected and potentially dangerous happening, they would look tense. If their protectee unexpectedly started to collapse with no clear and known reason, they would be talking and communicating information and looking tense. That didn’t happen.
  5. Go back and look at their body language. As she starts to move from the column, an officer simply steps in to grab her weight and help get her into the vehicle. Another steps to block the view of this happening. None of them even blinked when she sagged down. They didn’t call for any kind of help. This isn’t a surprise to them. They have seen it happen before and been thoroughly briefed on how to handle it. They also automatically move in to shield her from view. That many people clustered so closely is the opposite of what she would want and need if the problem was, in fact, heat.
  6. Two local police officers in the video (wearing white shirts) do react and move quickly toward her when they see her condition. They didn’t expect it and were concerned to see her collapsing. Compare this to how her detail, with their more in-depth knowledge of her physical condition, reacts.
  7. She doesn’t go to the hospital. If they didn’t know exactly what was happening, she would have gone for medical treatment, not to her daughter’s apartment. This is a known condition.
  8. They effectively treated her at her daughter’s apartment. She looked completely healthy when she left there less than three hours later. Realistically, that could only be a result of getting treatment for a known condition that has been ongoing for long enough to have the medications on hand or nearby at all times.
  9. She left her shoe behind. Yes, it’s a trivial detail – but we need our shoes to walk around and no one who is even slightly mentally alert will miss the fact that they lost a shoe, but she did.
  10. This isn’t in the video, but the press was reportedly kept from following her and wasn’t given any information for at least an hour. Why? If it was the heat, they could’ve reported that right away, and would certainly have had her both remove her jacket and drink some water even before her vehicle arrived.

The second video, of her leaving Chelsea’s apartment, is of interest as well.

  1. When she comes out, she seems completely fine after less than three hours. Given the severity of what we saw, this seems unlikely unless treatment and medication were on hand based on a known condition. In addition, it’s rare to get the treatment and medication right on the first try for any ailment, so it seems unlikely that this was the first time this has happened.
  2. Someone asks her what happened and she ignored the question, even when it was repeated. Far from saying it was too hot, she said, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” Hillary herself is not saying this was just because of the heat.
  3. There are no handlers near her, which is unusual, but she also only walks a very short distance to the vehicle waiting to take her to her home. Contrast this to how close people were before she was put into the van. (It is impossible to say, from what the video shows, that she got in under her own power.)

Whether you love or hate her, Hillary Clinton has had a successful life by most standards. She has done most of the things she set out to do, other than becoming President. Unfortunately for her, her shot at the big desk has come a bit too late and she no longer seems to be physically capable of performing the job.

As I am getting ready to post this, there is an announcement that she was dehydrated and has pneumonia. She was only outside for about ninety minutes and herself made no complaints about the heat, so it really is hard to believe it was dehydration, particularly since neither dehydration nor pneumonia has “fainting” listed as a symptom in any of the major, reputable online medical sites. It simply doesn’t make any sense if you look at the facts. It does, however, give her a plausible reason to get out of the public eye, yet again, for a week or  more.

Whatever ails her, and I do think the best case to date has been that she has Parkinson’s, it is time for her to retire and spend whatever time she has left with her family and grandbaby. The video today is just a little bit more proof of that.

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