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Bethanne Kim  

Class Parties and Potlucks

Your kid just came up and told you they need something for the class party today and you have no time to shop or make anything. What’s a quick, easy solution?


Make a whole bucket of it. Last time I did this, I filled a three-gallon bucket I already had because it was for a larger multi-class event. The bucket was free upon request at the local grocery store bakery; I recommend them for holding junk treasures. Abandoned (but clean) holiday popcorn and cookie tins work too. Bonus points if they are actually in season! You can even carry it in bags if you don’t have any empty food containers that are big enough.

What did the kids think? It took six microwavable packs of Cub Scout popcorn to fill the bucket, but it was cleaned out. Score! It’s my new go-to party treat.

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