Month: March 2014

Pop Culture

Manners Matter – Even Online

Writing a blog when no one comments can feel somewhat pointless. I know I could get more people to comment by being more, well, political in my comments. I strive to be non-judgmental, polite even, in what I write and how I phrase it. I use good manners. That isn’t the way to have posts […]

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Current Events

Vote with Your Feet?

A headline in early 2014 stated that Sean Hannity was leaving New York state because the governor didn’t like or want conservatives in the state. In the past, liberals such as Janeane Garofolo have threatened to leave the country if people they don’t like are elected. Whether Hannity will move is debatable, but Garofolo definitely […]

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Article V Convention

New Amendments: No Opting Out for Congress

Congress should not pass laws that apply to others and not themselves, or that apply to themselves and not to others. I thinker most citizens can agree with this. The reality is this: either Congress isn’t doing this, and there is no problem. Passing this will not change anything. Or Congress is doing this, possibly […]

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