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DC could learn A LOT from these teens

When we turn on the news, tv shows, even advertisements, we are bombarded with images of poor sportsmanship in every aspect of life. The worst of it, sadly, is often displayed by our politicians, and the main stream media encourages them. No matter what happens, it is entirely the fault of the other party.

I read once that when you receive flowers, you should look at the faces of others around you as you walk past carrying them or they walk past and see the flowers sitting there. You will notice a lot of smiles when other people see them. They don’t just brighten the day of the recipient, they brighten the day of of a lot of people, even if only for a few moments. While this video isn’t directly related to the Constitution or our government, like a vase of flowers, watching this video can brighten up your day, even just for a few moments.

It is a reminder that people do nice things sometimes, just because it’s the right thing to do. If only we could get our government (the bureaucrats as well as the politicians) to follow the example of these teens.

An Amazing Display of Good Sportsmanship

The next time someone brings up sportsmanship (good or poor), what will you bring to the conversation?

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