The Wise Dad, like so many other dads in the last few decades, is much more involved with his kids than his dad was when he was little. Like many of us today, he uses the internet to research when he needs help or support beyond what the immediate family knows, but if there is a website to provide that community for dads the way many sites do for moms, it isn’t easy to find. Don’t get us wrong, there is a lot of content online for dads and a surprising number of dad blogs, but there isn’t one site that has a wide variety of topics and points of view altogether for dads. And thus, Wise Fathers was created by The Wise Mom and The Wise Dad. (And yes, it does feel pretentious to call ourselves that, but that’s the brand so we’re going with it.)

You may notice that a lot of the content is by moms. That’s because there are simply a lot more mommy bloggers. We have had to accept the reality that while the content will be FOR dads, a lot of it probably won’t by FROM dads. What we truly, deeply, want to avoid is the mom-focus that runs so deep in major “parenting” magazines that they routinely have articles on women’s fashion and makeup. I am a mom and I don’t feel welcome in those magazines, so I can’t imagine dads feel welcome.

Posts may be written by moms, but they are still intended for dads.

Our Mission

Wise Fathers: A place for father figures to share stories, experience, and advice.

Clearly, we want to provide resources for dads in a space that is comfortable for them. We also want to provide what we hope will be a high-traffic site to help daddy-bloggers become more successful.  “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Here at Wise Fathers, we do need to earn money to pay ourselves but we also want to pay our writers (most blogs don’t). We use affiliate links, ads, and an Amazon store to earn money, but we also use them to promote the writers who write for us since writing never pays much (just a token really, a trifle). Please take the time to look at the books by our writers. The top ad banner (“Have you read:”) will take you there from any page. Hopefully, you find one you want to buy!

Then look at our Contributors page to learn more about the writing team and their blogs. Most of our writers do have their own blog that they earn income from. If you like what they are posting here, take the time to check out what they have on their own blogs as well.

We are genuinely trying to create a content site that doesn’t just promote itself, but that also helps all the bloggers who are part of it to grow. Just don’t forget to bookmark Wise Fathers and come back often!

Our Team

Our goal is to help fathers (and father figures). Because we don’t just want to help with one topic or one day, Wise Fathers is working to build a community of writers with a wide variety of backgrounds (one is a real life private detective!) and family issues. Many parenting sites focus on light topics such as organizing your morning routine and frequently covered topics such as potty training. Wise Fathers will have some of those articles, but our contributors and prospective contributors have expertise and experience in less-covered areas including being a caregiver for a terminally ill spouse, mental health, situational awareness for teens, the difficulties and rewards of military family life, emergency/survival planning (evacuating with kids, picking a pocket knife for your new Scout), and many more.

Why Are MOMS Writing for Wise FATHERS?

A few reasons, the main one being the already given: there are a lot more moms who blog. Some have great content for dads as well as moms. Our content is written to appeal to dads but what does that mean? If there is an article related to fashion or makeup, it’s how to help dads help their daughters with wardrobe issues. If there is a post on going to the park, it will suggest specific items to take for different ages, how to find a good park quickly while you are away from home, keeping your kiddo safe…. It won’t be a discussion of what we did with our kids the last time we went.

Our site focus is specific, actionable items and information to help you, not feel-good fluff.

Growing the Team

If you find a blogger you like, please check out their page in the Contributors section. Most have their own blog and many have their own book(s) available. Please support them as well. If you buy their book through the Wise Fathers’ store, you are supporting this site and our writers. Win-win!

As the site grows, we will add more bloggers and points of view, so please don’t be shy about telling us topics we missed or letting us know if you want to contribute. With writers’ kids ranging from little babies through adults, both boys and girls, and homes all over the country, Wise Fathers aims to provide a diversity of experiences and voices, not just skin color.

We hope Wise Fathers helps you because we know that Dads aren’t Moms – and that’s a good thing!

Contact us at: admin(at)wisefathers(dot)com.
(If we actually write the email address correctly on a web page, it will lead to overwhelming amounts of spam email.)