Writing Blogs

There are so many of them. So very many writing blogs. It can be overwhelming instead of motivating to see the sheer number of them, but it would be a mistake not to read them…just don’t skip the writing in favor of reading blogs.

A few of these sites aren’t very active or are even on hiatus. They are still included because they still have a mass of excellent posts and information on them.

Corporate and Group Blogs:

  • Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): The Author Advice Centre run by ALLi, a non-profit association of the world’s best self-publishing authors and advisors.
  • Blue Rose Girls (children’s book professionals): All things kidlit.


  • Children’s Book Council Diversity (CBC Diversity): The CBC Diversity Committee was created in 2012, and is one of five committees established by the Children’s Book Council, the national nonprofit trade association for children’s trade book publishers.
  • One Wild Word: Inspiring your creativity.
  • YATopia:Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult authors.

Writer’s Blogs:

Industry Pro Blogs

  • The Book Designer (Joel Friedlander, Graphic Design): Practical advice to help build better books.
  • The Editor’s Blog (Beth Hill, Editor): Grammer, style, and more grammer.
  • Jane Friedman (Jane Friedman, Professor of Publishing at UVA): Wide variety of topics
  • The Purple Crayon (Harold Underdown, Children’s Book Editor): Children’s book writing (and illustrating).
  • The Subversive Copy Editor (Carol Saller, Editor of the Chicago Manual of Style Online‘s Q&A): Copyediting.
  • Study Hacks (Cal Newport): Improving time use and efficiency.