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Quarantine Prep by the Fistful: 5 Items at a Time

I have been keeping track of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, news since January. I wrote most of this a week ago. Since then, much of it has become obvious to everyone, like that we will have at least a few weeks of quarantine. Is COVID-19 serious for any particular individual who isn’t a senior citizen? Probably […]

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Being Prepared for the Flu
Health and Wellness

Being Prepared for The Flu

Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. *FOUR @#$@# WEEKS.* That’s how long one or more people in this house had the flu this year, and it was four continuous weeks. The flu shot didn’t help. There were relapses. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of diarrhea, puking, or other messes to clean up, but the exhaustion was overwhelming […]

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