These are books by Wise Fathers’ writers. When you shop here, you support both the site and our writers, many of whom are indie authors. (This means they self-published instead of going through a traditional publisher.) If you are looking for suggestions for parenting books or books for your kids, please spend a little time at our Wise Father’s Store.

The Wise Mom (Liz Long):

The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US this was written for all of us who want to understand the Constitution but don’t want to read partisan or overly-legal descriptions. It focuses on the meaning of the words and phrases and the historical reasons for including them.

Cubmastering and Leader of the Pack were written to help new leaders (in general) and Cubmasters (specifically) to learn their new roles as Cub Scout leaders.

Undead Swept Away is a book of short stories in the same young adult zombie series (Not the Zombies!) as OMG!, BRB! and YOLO!

26 Basic Life Skills is the first book in the series Survival Skills for All Ages. It focuses on basic skills including laundry, cooking, dressing for the weather, basic sewing, and much more.

Jim Cobb:

Emergency preparedness expert Jim Cobb makes it look easy. He breaks down the steps everyday people can (and should) take to be prepared for an emergency in their family and/or home. These books are great individually, but even better as a library for a more complete skillset.

Countdown to Preparedness
Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide
Prepper’s Home Defense
Prepper’s Communication Handbook
Prepper’s Armed Defense
Prepper’s Survival Hacks