What are we looking for?

There is no specific genre we are looking for. There is no word count you have to hit, although we do expect non-promotional books to be in the general ballpark for standard length. (Most authors end up with at least one promotional book that is a free giveaway to introduce readers to their work and may be substantially shorter than a full length work, although it may be a full length work, normally the first in a series.)

What we are looking for are the professional bloggers who are ready to turn their content into books and start selling those. We know you have content and just need help reformatting it into one or more books, then marketing it to your readers.

We want indie writers who are treating it as a profession. If you have a series or several books in the same genre written, that’s what will get our interest. We want to work with writers who are serious about building a career as an author. If this is your first book, you may become someone we are interested in, but it is nearly as much effort to market a single book as it is a series.

But you never know – sometimes editors find books they just love and feel passionately about getting to market. That could be you. But it’s a lot more likely if you have several related books or a successful blog.

What are we looking for?

Like any publishing house and editors, books we love that we think we can successfully market and sell. And writers we think will hustle to sell and market their own books.