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About Me, The Founder

When my husband and I got married, I kept lists of what needed to be done and bought. Those turned into my first book: The Organized Wedding. I submitted to one publisher and received the reply that while the editor thought it was a great book, she wasn’t sure how to market it so it would stand out. I was so green that I had no idea how positive that rejection really was!

My next project was a Young Adult (YA) story based on ancient Celtic myths and historical facts. I still have the research box full of index cards for that one. I really learned a lot, but I wrote nothing. My first-born came along before I even typed the first sentence. After that, I came up with more ideas for picture books and YA stories, most of which didn’t go anywhere, but they did get me to join SCBWI. (The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the professional organization for writers of books from picture books to New Adult.)

Around the time my youngest went to kindergarten, I was inspired to write The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US. That was my first e-book, and I took full advantage. It has hundreds of links to enhance the content by doing things like linking back to the full context of every single quote. It’s like the bibliography is built-in!

I love writing enhanced content, where I link to sites that allow readers to dig further if they are interested. Trad publishers refuse to allow it. They give two reasons: (1) they have to show preference to one retailer over another and (2) acquiring rights can be expensive. The first assume the only links will be affiliate links (afflinks) that link back to a store and allow whoever created those links (author or publisher) to make a small amount of money anytime someone buys from that link.  The second assumes that other people’s content (movies, music, etc.) will be embedded into the book.

For me, that shows a basic lack of understanding of how flexible those links can be. Sure, afflinks and embedded content are possible, but it’s faster and easier to simply link to content online, just as a news article or blog post does. This also allows authors to touch on subjects that they don’t wish to cover in depth while still providing the information (via links) to readers. I freely grant that broken links can be a problem, but most people do understand the nature of the internet well enough that I don’t believe that to be a huge issue.

For the last year, I have also been the virtual assistant to a successful blogger, helping me learn a great deal more about the blogging side of writing. There is so much that applies to blogging that can help serious writers with their marketing! A/B Testing is used in designing web sites, but is outstanding for finalizing titles and covers. (This is when two items are tested side by side to see which performs better.) Email marketing is another area of overlap, as is tagging

Why I Started POV Press

I founded POV Press because I’m an indie author and have found that I am far from alone in not really wanting to go the trad publishing route, even if I was offered a contract. (Admittedly, it would be hard to turn down a big, fat advance.) I am also far from alone in wishing there was a company that could help me navigate the process. It isn’t easy.

I have learned how to format my books for print an e-book publication, how to self-publish a paperback, when Amazon’s Create Space is (and isn’t) the best choice, and so much more.  As a stay at home mom with kids entering school, I had the luxury of time to be able to do these things. Most writers don’t, which led me to start POV Press.

night sky
Image from the Highsmith Collection of the Library of Congress.

POV Press’s mission is to help authors, particularly bloggers, publish their work while retaining creative control. Bluntly put: POV Press will take care of the boring bits (ISBNs, copyright registration) while the author does the fun bits (choosing a cover, writing).

Writers will still have to market their books, just like they do with trad publishers, but POV Press takes a far smaller cut of the royalties and we provide tools to help you before the whole process becomes overwhelming.

Your Point of View

If you look at the image at the top you will see one of three slices of an image. One is a crescent moon. One is clouds. The third is a town. All are part of the same original piece of work, the mural shown here. Whether you see clouds, a moon, or houses see simply depends on the Point of View chosen when the image was cropped. (All three rotate on the page.)

Everything can change if you change your POV, in writing as well as in life.

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