Why Choose POV Press?

I’m a writer. I chose the indie author route because making 5-10% royalties from a big city publisher, waiting for years to see my book in print, and ultimately losing most of the control of the final product simply didn’t appeal to me. At the same time, I have struggled to market my books well enough for them to really sell.

While I grasp the importance of a blog and social media for promotion, there is no one standing over an indie author’s shoulder’s reminding them to set up tweets, find retweets, schedule Facebook pages, post an Instagram picture, write a topical blog post, etc. ad infinitum. There are, however, plenty of people looking over our shoulder’s judging us as wasting time when they do see us doing those activities.

I started POV Press to help other authors struggling with the same problems.

POV Press will help you create a schedule you are comfortable with, including your preferred social media (realistically, choose one or two to focus on and forget the rest), and stick to it. As POV Press grows, we will also ask the authors from each of our imprints (related book areas) work together to promote each others’ books.

Since POV Press is receiving far less than the traditional publishing houses, due to far lower costs, you, the author, will receive more. You will also retain far more control. In some cases, we may recommend a cover artist, but the final decision on cover art will remain with the author. (POV may veto covers if they do not meet our standards, but primary art direction and approval remains with the author.)

As an author myself, my goals for POV Press include earning a living (of course) and helping other authors do the same. I want to build a community where indie authors help each other succeed and promote each other, while POV Press takes care of the boring bits such as finding a press person to help when you need it and assisting with A/B testings covers and titles. (A/B testing is when you show two items to a consumer to see which one they prefer.)

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